Hotel Europejski Warsaw

What do you look for in your hotel? Is it service? Unique architecture? A great location? How about feeling like you are in a spy thriller?
The Europejski offers you all of the above! Strange combination? Perhaps, but it certainly works. Many who have made Warsaw a permanent stop on their itinerary will stay nowhere else.
Warsaw’s oldest hotel, the Europejski provides its guest with much more than just a look at the nineteenth century. Here, Old World meets Cold World. The re-implemented structure of the 1800s has been complemented by a style dubbed “John Le Carre with a dash of 2001 Space Odyssey.” The lobby is something straight out of Dr. Strangelove. Add to that the soldiers marching all day long on the square adjacent to the hotel and you will feel like a secret agent in no time.
Here, Unique décor meets modern luxury. The guest rooms, for example, have more space than you’ll know what to do with and with all the latest bells and whistles, you just might start believing that you’re that gizmo-laden spy after all.
The Europejski does not just stop at an unforgettable interior, however. The service is impeccable and the location perfect. Just a short walk away, you’ll find Warsaw’s Old Town and New Town, be-speckled with
cafes, restaurants and history greeting you around every corner. Or, if you’re craving the modern, the bustling downtown is an equally short jaunt in the opposite direction. Either way, you’re guaranteed a unique and memorable experience.
Take a journey back in time; enjoy the best of the new in the light of the oldÉ all without having to look over your shoulder for Big Brother.

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